baby logan {11 days new} | red deer newborn photography

Introducing baby Logan!!!  He is the brand new son born to a family that is very special to me.  His mother was the grade one teacher of both my daughter and my son.  An incredible relationship was formed with this family through the years.  I was honoured to photograph Logan’s older sister as a newborn, as well as many milestone sessions as she has grown.  I was thrilled to photograph this new addition to this beautiful family.  Logan is truly the most handsome fella!  He has the most perfect features!  And his sister – she absolutely adores him!  The first thing she wanted to tell me was that she had a new brother.  Throughout the session she eagerly shared her affection for him with tender touches.  I just wanted to photograph them all day!  The following is a beautiful collection of images from Logan’s newborn photo session.  

Red Deer, newborn, baby , boy, photo

Red Deer, photography, newborn, baby, photo

Red Deer, baby, boy, detail, photo, sleeping

Red Deer, newborn, baby, photo, profile, detail

Red Deer, baby, details, photo, photography

Baby, toes, photo, Red Deer, newborn, photography

Baby, boy, photo, natural, sleeping, Red Deer, photographer

Red Deer, sister, baby, brother, sibling, photo

Red Deer, newborn, photographer, sibling, photo

Red Deer, photographer, sibling, photo, baby, boy, big, sister

Red Deer, newborn, baby, photo, sibling

Red Deer, newborn, baby, family, photo, Infinity, Photography

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