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charlie – 1 year milestone photos | red deer child photographer

Charlie is one!  He is the handsomest of fellas!  His chubby cheeks.  His chocolate eyes.  I mean – just the cutest!

To celebrate this significant milestone his mother requested an outdoor photo session.  We had the most beautiful hot August afternoon.  The temperature was 29 degrees Celsius!  But as with most every hot day in Red Deer, there was a severe storm warning.  We began the session with beautiful skies,  plenty of sunshine and seeking shade wherever we could.  Charlie was so happy to walk hand in hand with his mom and dad and wore the biggest grin to be out and exploring.  More than a few times his shoe fell off, and he wasn’t to fond of the feel of the grass on his bare piggies.  

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Red Deer, family photographer, child, milestone, photo session, boy, photo,

Red Deer, photographer, child, boy, dad, milestone, photography

Red Deer, photographer, child, photos, milestone session, 1 year

Red Deer, child, photos, photographer, son, boy, dad

Red Deer, child, photos, father, holding, son, boy, photography, outdoor, milestone, photo session

Red Deer, child, photographer, boy, photo, mom, cuddle

As the photo session progressed, the weather began to change.  The sky clouded over and huge gusts of wind began to blow.  At this point, Charlie was sitting on a little box.  Prouder than proud to be a ‘big boy’, he was sitting full of delight in himself.  Well the gusts of wind would blow right in his face, lifting up the hair on the top of his head and puffing up his shirt like a hot air balloon.  It was pure joy to watch Charlie experience the crazy weather.  He was having a ball as the wind would gust up, then let off, and then gust up again unexpectedly.  He was giggling through it all.

Red Deer, child, photographer, boy, milestone, portrait, photo

Red Deer, boy, child, photo, milestone, photography

Red Deer, toes, photographer, boy, child, photo, baby,

The crazy wind blew in smoke from summer forest fires that were burning a province away.  Just as quickly as our beautiful summer day had turn grey and windy, we were now surrounded by this heavy smoke resembling thick fog.  The light that was then created made for some beautiful images as Charlie and his parents danced and played.

Red Deer, photographer, child, boy, mother, son, photo

Red Deer, family, photo, child, photography, session

Red Deer, family, photo, playing, boy, mother, father

Red Deer, family, photo, session, Infinity Photography, milestone, portrait, session

I had the most delightful time that summer afternoon.  To share in this beautiful family, capture images of the joy and love – I am blessed.  I love my job!

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