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peek-a-boo baby 3D ultrasounds | red deer baby photographer


Red Deer has it’s very own 3D and 4D non-diagnostic imaging clinic, Peek-A-Boo Baby!  They ‘believe in love at first sight’.

Have you ever wondered what your growing little one looks like?  Does baby have dad’s ears?  Does baby have mom’s nose? What about baby’s health?  Do you want to know the gender?  Wouldn’t it be special to hear the baby’s heart and have a recording to listen to over and over?

At Peek-A-Boo Baby 3D Ultrasounds expectant parents can bond with their developing little one on a deeper level.  At Peek-A-Boo Baby they offer many options to see, experience, and create keepsakes of your developing baby with state-of-the-art equipment.  To learn more about the experience and what services are available you can visit their website

To have images captured of your developing baby, growing belly, newborn baby, and baby’s first milestones are gifts to treasure for a lifetime.  To document the journey, and share the love and joy of this new life, is priceless.  

Infinity Photography is thrilled to collaborate with Peek-A-Boo Baby and has a beautiful gallery of newborn images on display at their 3D location.

Red Deer, newborn, photography, wall display, gallery, canvas, Infinity Photography

Infinity Photography is honoured to continue the photographic journey of new little ones.

Red Deer, newborn, photography, Peek A Boo Baby, Infinity Photography,


Infinity Photography specializes in natural light newborn, maternity and baby photography

in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

For more information or to book a session, contact me HERE.

breathing room yoga studio + café | red deer photographer

BREATHING ROOM YOGA STUDIO & CAFÉ You will find Red Deer and Central Alberta’s premiere yoga studio at the Breathing Room Yoga Studio + Café!  It is a welcoming place to go to unwind, connect and ‘live your yoga’. With two large studios, the Breathing Room offers various classes to meet every yogi’s needs.  AContinue Reading

macro photography | red deer photographer

Macro Photography – what is it?  The Wikipedia definition – extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.  This means details are amplified.  Little things that are often overlooked with the naked eye are magnified in all their glory.  Continue Reading

welcome | red deer photography

Hello and welcome to INFINITY PHOTOGRAPHY and my blog.  My name is Rachelle, and I am the one behind the lens.  In business, I photograph maternity, newborns and babies.  In life, I photograph ‘the simple things’.  This is where I document both.  My passion for photography has enlightened me to see the beauty in theContinue Reading